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 Nathanniel, lvl70 prot paladin

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PostSubject: Re: Nathanniel, lvl70 prot paladin   Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:05 pm

I'm sorry but it seems I skipped these first lines of my application, so I'm reposting it again, complete. If possible I'd like to ask one of the site's mods to delete my first, uncomplete, application.

Char Name: Nathanniel
Real Life Name (first name): Fred
Age: 25
Level: 70
Class: Paladin
Talents: 0/49/12
Professions: miner/blacksmith

Your lvl 60-70 raids attunements: Naxxramas, Karazhan

Previous raid exp: have offtanked karazhan up to prince

Heroic Keys: got all heroic keys

Armory Link:
Your Job in instances/raids: I am for the most part a tank, although I usually off-heal when on certain encounters that don't require a tank or where a warrior might be better. ex: Shade of Aran or healing in Maiden of Virtue.

I am hoping that the guild is aiming for further development into 25-men raids and that if a second kara run comes to happen that I might be allowed to tank through.

What guild were you previously in? Ragnarok
Why did you leave? my fault essentially... was losing faith on the class and put aside to offtank (which paladins aren't exactly the best at due to mechanics - to get aggro we need to block and hence be the main target), but in the end I realized im worse not progressing my character through the playstyle that fits me best.

Why do you want to join us? A chance to be guilded again, preferably with people with long term aspirations on terms of PVE progression. I'm also into PVP and love doing heroics Smile
What do you have to offer us? Experienced as a paladin in either holy or protection, a good tank and a helpful guildie. Demanding, but who'll stick to the end to wipe yet another time until everything's over Smile
If you were asked to, would you respec? Quite honestly, I wouldn't. The majority of paladins are holy specced for acceptance into other guilds. I have decided that rather than sacrificing my playstyle I'd rather remain unguilded than to be on a "l33t" guild with purpz to the neck and not having fun at all.

The only times I usually respec holy is for arena purposes. Not respeccing doesn't mean I won't heal (see above) but you were asking for prot paladins and I came as one. Just as if a holy paladin came to offer his healing abilities I doubt it would be right for him to further on respec to another completely different tree.

[If you are a druid/paladin/shaman/priest] If we asked you to heal in raids, would you?
If it was necessary to be healing rather than to be tanking for a certain encounter then I'd step back, strap on healing gear and heal. Doing it all the time... er no.

Do you Have Teamspeak? (required): I have ventrilo, mike and headphones, but I can download teamspeak if accepted.
Any other Information about yourself? Nothing relevant.

Any questions? Yeah, will you be doing 25-men anytime? Do you do legacy content (60 raids) on a regular basis? I missed some of the old content and it'd be nice exploring it for fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Nathanniel, lvl70 prot paladin   Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:37 pm

legacy? is that what they r callin em now, aye we do em Smile planning on 25 man, of course lol, that why we practised in MC. A pala OT would be pretty great, and being a pala u would have capability us warrs dont have lol, or even bears for that matter, contact me or canabo ingame, this looks great Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Nathanniel, lvl70 prot paladin   Wed Aug 01, 2007 10:39 am

i love u fred
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PostSubject: Re: Nathanniel, lvl70 prot paladin   

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Nathanniel, lvl70 prot paladin
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