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 Tank application

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PostSubject: Tank application   Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:21 pm

Char Name:
Real Life Name (first name): Mo
Age: 27
Level: 70
Class: Warrior
Talents: 8/5/48
Professions: Blacksmith 375 - Mining 375

Your lvl 60-70 raids attunements: MC, BWL, Naxx, Kara
Previous raid exp: Complete MC (apart from Rag), Kara, Gruul and Mag, 1 boss in SSC and 1 in TK. Never been to BWL, Naxx
Heroic Keys: All
Some of your gear:
Your Job in instances/raids: Tank Smile

What guild were you previously in? X-realm
Why did you leave? Have not left yet, waiting for the outcome of this application
Why do you want to join us? I really want to visit MC, BWL and Naxx, and ultimatley collect the T1 - T3 sets Smile
What do you have to offer us? experince and a real thrist to see the old instances like BWL, Naxx etc
If you were asked to, would you respec? Yes
[If you are a druid/paladin/shaman/priest] If we asked you to heal in raids, would you?

Do you Have Teamspeak? (required): Yes
Any other Information about yourself? I am currently a student and totally addicted to Wow Smile
Any questions? A few, seeing as I would be paying to get my characters transferred I want to make sure that you guys do plan to carry on raiding the older instances. I dont wanna be in a positon where I move and the next day the guild decides to only focus on TBC raids as we are doing them now so the move will be a waste of time and money Smile I hope this sounds fair as it's quite a lenghty and expensive process to move.

Also, I read the GM post in wow forums where he mentioned " Raid lvl 60 instances for practice and set collections", how serious are u guys about collecting sets? I myself love to collect the sets and if this something the guild is serious in doing, then I would be more then happy to help out.

I have left the name blank, and will ofc disclose it in person to the GM after i've made an alt on the server and had a chat with an officer Smile

Thanks for reading guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Tank application   Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:40 pm

Raiding XP are awsum and actually 1more prot. tank its only good thig atm...
You r asking for lvl60 raids and yes they are in progress but there is no cleare in future when we finsh with lvl60 places Very Happy as our members are lvl70 and ofc they need TBC raids.
I agree that its not fun to move char. from other realm and if u r looking only for T1-T3sets and no Kara+ then i can see problem with your req.

Anyway think about it and if u r rly bored in there then u r welcome in -Nerfed-
If u r looking for more informations then /w in game to Ragnaros or Canabo GMs.

GL and HF
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PostSubject: Re: Tank application   Sat Jul 21, 2007 10:43 am

nice app and i see ur prob, a few ppl have /w me about cross realm transfers to guild and all before. Ill get back to u on this, check back soon. or /w or mail us ingame. ty
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PostSubject: Re: Tank application   

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Tank application
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