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 Raid Rules

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PostSubject: Raid Rules   Mon Jul 16, 2007 12:18 pm

- Raid invites will now start 30mins before start of raid. i.e. If raid starts at 20:00, invites start at 19:30. If ragnaros or canabo are not online, orikkato or coolish may start invites

- You must be at raid destination 15mins before invites at latest. NO ONE gets summoned without permission of ragnaros or canabo. If you are able to get into raid late, u must still travel

- Those at raid destination before invites start may have priority on invites, except on certain circumstances (e.g. 5 warrs at destination want invite and only room for 3)

- If you refuse to come to raid destination without proper reason and want to go to raid, you may be removed from raid

- If you Need to leave the raid, tell ragnaros or anothe raid leader why. If you leave without reason you may not earn any DKP for the raid

Just follow these rules please, they arnt made to keep you from having fun, but rather to let us have the most enjoyment from raids, we dont want to have to wait 45mins for raid to begin after the time already. We usually have a 2.5hour max limit if havnt cleared instance. Longer it takes for raid to start, less bosses we down, less items looted, less progress and worst of all, less DKP.

Thank you for you attention,
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Raid Rules
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