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 What is DKP and how do we use it

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PostSubject: What is DKP and how do we use it   Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:23 pm

DKP site can be found at

What is DKP
DKP (dragon kill points) is the currency for raiding guilds. At this current time you can earn DKP by going to guild raids and killing bosses in the raid. The more DKP you get now, the easier it will be for later raids (karazan and above)

How to get DKP Show up for guild raids and do your bes in them. The more bosses you kill, the more DKP you will recieve. Depending on which bosses you kill and what raid it is, you will recieve a different amount of DKP.

Also, the first time the guild kills a boss, you recieve double DKP for it, the harder the boss, the more DKP you get

NOTE: Bad behaviour in a raid can result in losing dkp or your place in the current and possibly next raid

What to spend DKP on and how
DKP will be spent on epic items in Karazan raids and above once we reach there. More DKP you have, better chance of winnign something

DKP will be spent by a form of bidding which you will be told about nearer the time
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What is DKP and how do we use it
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