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 Application - Lvl 70 Rogue

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PostSubject: Application - Lvl 70 Rogue   Wed Aug 08, 2007 5:42 pm

Char Name: Ottoblade
Real Life Name (first name): Timo
Age: 30
Level: 70
Class: UD Rogue
Talents: 17 / 44 / 0 Combat daggers atm
Professions: Herbalism / alchemy (transmut.master). Discovered pots: Flask of shadow fortification, Super rejuv pot. BoP recipes: Fel mana pot & Fel strength elixir

Your lvl 60-70 raids attunements: MC, Kara
Previous raid exp: ZG occasionally, Kara up to Illhoof (Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Curator, Chess done)
Heroic Keys: None but all close: CoT - 1 run, SV - 1 run, SL - 2 runs, TK - 2-3 runs, HFC - 2 runs
Armory Link: Gems on their way to the helm...
Your Job in instances/raids: DPS, sap when required, recon of patrolling mobs in steath Wink

What guild were you previously in? Neurosis
Why did you leave? Neurosis got disbanded twice, stick until the bitter end as the team was good. Kara was on full farm.The guild never progressed to 25-man content due to inactivity of few classes.
Why do you want to join us? I joined Neurosis beginning of summer as the previous guild (Spawn) got disbanded and ppl left. I got some nice Kara experience with Neurosis. As the guild got disbanded i'm in need of a new guild to experience more of the end game content starting from Kara. I'm looking for players approximately with same progress as I am to tackle the content of the game together. As my gear and experience is not topped through Kara, I'm looking for a guild actively going to Kara and still learning it. This would give me the opportunity to learn the game to become better player and have good time with guildies Very Happy
What do you have to offer us? Based on your forum progress I'd say I can bring experience on the first Kara bosses. I've also listened through Vent the other Kara fights Smile
If you were asked to, would you respec? Yes. Actually I will respec once I get better main hand sword to combat swords. Other option would be staying with combat daggers if Moroes would be kind enough to drop me Emerald ripper Adding that with Scryer exalted dagger to off-hand would increase my dps nicely...

Do you Have Teamspeak? (required): Got Ventrilo and a mic
Any other Information about yourself? Employed and married. Playing Wow minimum 3-4 evenings a week. During weekends might be occasionally out for the weekend. My raid times would be from earliest 18.00(prefer 19.00) server time to 23.00 server time.
Any questions? Actually yea:
1) What are the normal raid times you have? Usually I get online game time 18-19.00 due to work and IRL and can raid when required until ~23.00 weekdays, weekends later when online. I'm looking for 2-4 raid nights a week depending on my IRL. Knowing the raid times and possibility to get into the raid beforehand is what i look forward to.
2) Your DKP site seems to have a raid calendar which was empty at least to guests - do your ppl use raid calendar for sign-ups and how much in advance do you announce those? First sign-ups get served first?What kind of rotation system do you use in Kara?
3) Do you get Kara team up easily? Are ppl dedicated and willing to learn and tackle Kara?


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PostSubject: Re: Application - Lvl 70 Rogue   Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:23 pm

1: 19:00-23:00 server time 4x in week atm
2: All who want to join raid have to signup first (ingame addon)
3: Yes, all planned become real atm

So bud ill talk to u in game.
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Application - Lvl 70 Rogue
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